What is MoveSnap?

MoveSnap is like your super-organized friend who knows everything there is to know about moving.

Save Time
MoveSnap guides you through the process of updating all your information in one easy-to-use platform.

Save Money
No need to spend hours comparing quotes. We work with a network of trusted vendors and offer exclusive deals and savings.

Reduce Stress
We support you through every step of the process, from updating IDs to setting up utilities and managing your schedule.

MoveSnap is a complete hub for all things related to moving. It was born out of the recognition that what should be an exciting milestone – moving into a new home – is far too often fraught with unnecessary anxiety, frustration, and expense. 

“As real estate professionals who care, we like to give our clients a premium service that picks up your hand post-close and supports you all the way through your new front door”.

MoveSnap becomes an extension of our brand, allowing you to plan and simplify your move. You can use our PropTech-enabled platform to customize your move details in real-time: booking moving services, updating your government address and IDs, changing your utility services, forwarding your mail, accessing exclusive partner offers and more.

Erika & Mark